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Hospitality Industry Crime Update: “Hotels Work to Curb Harrowing Trend of Sex Trafficking in Metro”

“O’Meara, an attorney, is Nebraska’s new human trafficking coordinator. He wants people to be aware so victims can be rescued…”What happens is the victim is convinced byTrafficking-620x330 the trafficker (that) the only value the victim has as a human being is the ability to make money through commercial sex acts for the pimp,” O’Meara said…Omaha’s upscale Magnolia Hotel was the first to train hospitality workers to spot sex trafficking.”

Local law enforcement is trying to educate hotel workers to recognize signs of sex trafficking. The hope is to rescue women often caught in a cycle of abuse, violence and neglect.

“I was petrified to go outside,” Melissa said.

She said that for more than three years, she was forced to sell herself for money.

“The brain-washing, psychological games — it takes years,” Melissa said.

She wants Omaha to know that prostitution is slavery, with a pimp in charge of every move.

“I just wasn’t allowed out of his sight,” Melissa said.

Her message is the same one shared as part of a new pilot program in Omaha, which trains hotel workers to spot and report sex trafficking.

For more: http://bit.ly/1Jtnwg7

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Hospitality Industry Management Update: “Hotel Housekeepers Are at Great Risk for Sexual Assault From Guests”

“Women described men who insisted they close the door while cleaning, grabbed their hands as they handed over change and asked where they could “find a girl.”housekeeper-387x580 Kensbock and her colleagues identified a few factors that put women in the hotel industry at a heightened risk for sexual harassment, including the “gendered” nature of their work as housekeepers and their lack of power relative to the guests…Most of the women in Kensbock’s study coped with harassment using passive strategies, like humor or deflection. Though the hotel management had protocols they could follow to report inappropriate behavior, womenfearing guests would retaliate by leaving negative surveysrarely complained.”

When Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused of assaulting Nafissatou Diallo, the maid who was sent to clean his hotel room, hospitality workers thought the story seemed all-too-plausible. In a New York Times op-ed, Jacob Tomsky, a veteran of the hotel industry, wrote that housekeepers are assaulted by guests “more often than you’d think,” and that their employers don’t offer much protection. In a recent account on xoJane, an anonymous woman describes a decade’s worth of sexual harassment in different parts of the hotel industryfrom working the front desk to cleaning rooms. It’s so systemic, she says, that the women developed coordinated strategies to cope with itlike enlisting other housekeepers to stay with them when they’re assigned to clean the room of a “known pervert.”

For more: http://bit.ly/124uEO7

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Hospitality Industry Legal Risks: Florida Hotel And Spa Sued For “Sexual Abuse” Of Woman During Massage; Masseuse Used “Inappropriate Draping Techniques” And Contact

“…The suit alleges masseuse failed to use appropriate draping techniques and within 10-15 minutes, Hospitality Industry Lawsuitshe was completely naked…he proceeded to “massage” her exposed breast and lower belly, saying it was a technique in which he specialized, according to her attorney…”

A woman and her attorney have filed a lawsuit against a Miami Beach spa after she claimed she was sexually abused by a masseuse. According to the lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court early Thursday morning, the unnamed woman went to the Sanctuary Hotel on South Beach with her husband on Feb. 20th and purchased a massage at the Sanctuary Spa & Salon through Groupon.

According to the suit, Fraga continued the sexual conduct by rubbing between her buttocks, legs and private parts and placed his penis in her hand. The woman has sued the Sanctuary Hotel Group, Inc.

For more:  http://miami.cbslocal.com/2012/12/06/lawsuit-woman-alleges-sex-abuse-by-masseuse-at-sobe-spa/

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