Insurance Coverage




Petra Risk Solutions Education Partners II

Insurance Policy Coverage Checklist

1.  General Liability (fire and casualty for the premises and hotel operations)

2.  Employers Liability (discrimination claims)

3.  Workers’ Compensation (injury on the job)

4.  Liquor Liability (dram shop liability)

5.  Swimming Pool/Spa/Workout Area Addendums

6.  Golf Course Operators Liability

7.  Employee Security Bonds

8.  Automobile Liability (autos, motorized carts, shuttle service, etc.)

9.  Outdoor/Water Activity Coverage Addendum

3 responses to “Insurance Coverage

  1. Mr. Patel

    Hey I want some cheap insurance. who do I talk to?

  2. Hello Mr. Patel,
    By cheap..are you referring to premium dollars?

  3. Anand

    hello Mr. Patel
    u can call me on 209-380-4117

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