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Hospitality Industry Legal Update: “Three Fired Workers Sue Comfort Inn in South Portland”

“…Parker’s lawsuit alleges she was closely scrutinized and was falsely accused of wrongdoing after reporting the harassment. She was fired in February 2011 for violating the hotel’s confidentiality policy. Image The lawsuit alleges she was discriminated against because of her age, which is now 69…”

Three former employees have sued the Comfort Inn in South Portland, alleging they were fired after reporting sexual harassment by a hotel maintenance worker.

The women allege in three separate lawsuits that they faced discrimination and were subsequently fired, all in 2011, after reporting that one of them was repeatedly sexually harassed by the male worker.

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Hospitality Industry Liability Update: ” Hotel Horrors, Avoiding the Silent Killer”

“…The organization issued a statement about the deadly gas saying  in part: proper installation andImage maintenance of fuel-fired equipment including adhering to the manufacturers  product warnings are the best measures to ensure no adverse carbon monoxide exposure occurs…”

South Carolina hotels will become a home away from home for many across the nation this summer. But a nice relaxing vacation and time by the pool could turn deadly.

“It depends how much you breath in,” says Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins. Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins is talking about Carbon Monoxide. It’s often called the “silent killer.” That’s because you can’t smell the gas or see it.

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Hospitality Industry Technology Update: “Accor Puts Digital Technology at the Heart of the Customer Experience”

“…With the massive deployment of this digital solution Accor is clearly providing an online service that is consistent with new consumer habits. Image Over two billion people currently have a smartphone and 47% of travel searches are made from mobile phones, making them the preferred device for finding, preparing and organizing a trip…”

1,000 Accor hotels worldwide equipped with innovative new digital welcome by end 2014

Accor announces the worldwide implementation of a digital solution that revolutionizes guest welcome in its hotels. The objective is simple: use digital technology to offer customers an unprecedented personalized welcome. Guest welcome is less devoted to administrative formalities, making the hotelier entirely available to greet guests, cater for their individual needs or simply help them save time.

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Hospitality Industry Legal Update: “Woman Suing Syracuse Hotel for $1 million After Falling Off Bar Stool, Injuring Wrist”

“…The lawsuit alleges that the bar stool was too high off the ground, built to ‘coordinate with the height of the bar top.’ Image The hotel management knew of other problems with the height of the stools, the lawsuit claims…”

An Ohio woman is suing Syracuse’s Crowne Plaza Hotel after falling off a bar stool in the public lounge.

Antoinette Allison, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, is seeking up to $1 million for her injuries after falling off the “defective” bar stool on April 14, 2011, according to her lawsuit.

The wooden, high-back bar stool landed on her wrist after the fall, which caused multiple fractures, her lawsuit claims. The injury required surgery.

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Hospitality Industry Safety Update: “Safety Concerns About Legal Marijuana Edibles”

“…Friends say he ate the recommended dose of one-sixth of a marijuana-infused cookie on March 11. Image When he felt no effects he ate the entire cookie: six times the recommended dose. He later became irrational and jumped off a hotel balcony to his death…”

Two recent deaths and increased emergency room visits in Colorado have highlighted concerns about the safety of legal marijuana edibles.

Dr. George Sam Wang of Children’s Hospital Colorado says part of the problem is that the effects of edible marijuana begin more slowly than smokeable pot, though they tend to last longer.

“One of the dangers that we’ve been seeing with adult recreational retail use is they’ll take the recommended dose, wait, feel no effects and then continue to stack doses. Then before they know it they have a pretty large amount in their system and then they get potentially pretty severe effects,” he said.

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Hospitality Industry News Update: “Restaurant And Hospitality News For VARs”

This week the news includes a warning that hackers are using third-parties to gain access to data through vulnerable systems. Also, hotels and other retailers are adopting new mobile technology for check-in. Image And finally, in an interview with Forest Key of Buuteeq, we find out why hotel marketing is flying to the cloud.

Hackers Lurking In Vents And Soda Machines

This article from The New York Times discusses how your clients could be vulnerable to cyberattacks through solutions and devices be tied to a leaky third party, such as online menus, or even heating and cooling providers who now monitor and adjust office temperatures remotely, and vending machine suppliers who can see when their clients are out of Diet Cokes and Cheetos. Vendors are tempting targets for hackers because they tend to run older systems, and once hackers have found a way in, the devices offer them a place to hide in plain sight.

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Hospitality Industry Legal Update: “Hotel Hospitality: How to Stay on the Right Side of the Law”

“…No hotel firm wants to see their guests get hurt or for customer death to occur that they may have contributed to. Tragedies such as these are usually completely avoidable if the hotel Image follows health and safety and hospitality law guidelines for their guests. To keep on the right side of the law make sure you are fully up to date on your legal obligations towards your clients…?

The Hilton chain of hotels and its related businesses are being sued after the death of 27 year old Raul Hernandez Martinez, who was electrocuted after using a swimming pool at the Hilton Houston Westchase Hotel. According to, he and his relatives had been using the pool on the evening of August 31st 2013 when the pool lights turned on as it began to get dark.

People began to complain of being shocked by electrical current and a child that was swimming at the deep end began to get into difficulties. On swimming over to him to assist him, Mr. Martinez was shocked and began convulsing.  Although he managed to lift the child out of the water, he was unable to get out. When he was pulled out, he had gone into cardiac arrest. He died six days later in the intensive care unit of the local hospital.

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