Hospitality Industry Property Risks: New York Hotel And Restaurant Suffers “Significant Water Damage” After Frozen Pipe Bursts; $200,000 Damage From Third Floor To Basement

“…A water pipe had frozen and burst early Wednesday morning…the pipe was connected to the facility’s sprinkler system and the malfunction triggered a response from the Geneseo Fire Department…The pipe burst Hotel Water Damageon the third floor, pouring water into a guest room and working its way down to the basement. There was “significant damage” in several parts of the building including two parlors, dining rooms and guest rooms and spaces above and below the rooms…”

The Big Tree Inn, 46 Main St., remains closed after a water pipe burst on Wednesday, flooding several areas of the landmark building and causing significant damage from the third floor to the basement. Big Tree Inn will remain closed through Friday, but Scott is hopeful that at least part of the facility will be able to open some time during the weekend.

Scott estimated repairing the damage will cost $200,000 or more. The restaurant does have insurance.

Facility managers were alerted to a problem by a guest who reported hearing what was believed to be a small leak. An investigation revealed the bigger problem.

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